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Hello & Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was restorative and that you are feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your goals this week. And even if you're not, there is no better time than right now to collect your thoughts, clear the mental clutter and gain some clarity about how you want to show up this week and be your best self ♥︎.

This week I want to encourage you to take some time to define your BIG WHY as it pertains to your goals and your life. So often we set goals for ourselves, but when discomfort arises (and with growth it always will) we abandon our goals or allow our enthusiasm to fizzle. One surefire way to ensure we stay the course, and lean into the discomfort & challenges that arise in the pursuit of our goals, is to define our BIG WHY or COMPELLING REASON.

When you can articulate why you're setting out to do what you want to do, it serves as an anchor for your resolve. Quitting, complaining & doubt hold less power over you when your compelling reason is strong and serves as your primary motivator. 

So, regardless of what your present goals are, I want to encourage you to dig in to the resources provided in this week's mindfulness tool kit. They are here to help you define your BIG WHY so you can feel grounded in your motivation and emboldened in the pursuit of your dreams. 


Take 40 minutes to listen to this brilliant podcast on defining your Compelling Reason by Brooke Castillo. By the end you'll have a thorough understanding of what a compelling reason is and how having a clearly defined one will embolden your dreams and strengthen your resolve to pursue them.


After listening to the podcast, take some time this week to write your own compelling reason. Write & rewrite it 20 times if need be. You will recognize your compelling reason when you see it. This is the overarching life vision that should guide most of the actions you take. Once this is clearly defined, you'll find yourself setting goals with more enthusiasm as well as maintaining the resolve to see them through, regardless of setbacks.


After you have defined your compelling reason, memorize it. Rehearse it as an affirmation to yourself daily. See how you feel after two weeks of continually reminding yourself of it. Journal the improvements you notice in your thoughts, feelings and actions. 


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