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of yours a reality.


It's time, don't you think? And now that you're doing that thing you've always wanted to do, let's make sure it has a stunning, modern, virtual home that shares the heartbeat behind behind your brand while attracting your dream clients.

sound good?

Glad to hear it! Working with me, you can rest assured your website will captivate and engage visitors, laying the groundwork for a trustworthy relationship to be established between you and them. 

The rest is up to you. And I


you're gonna rock that part!


Here's what you can expect

when we work together

You will own a digital space that literally feels like YOU.

That digital space will sincerely illustrate and communicate the heartbeat of your brand.

You will work with a mama in business who GETS what it's like to be a mama in business (and who also knows how unstoppable we are at gettin' it all done during nap time ;)

You will benefit from my 12 years of small business strategy and authentic digital marketing.

You will wow and win over your customers, before they even contact you, with the custom website of your dreams for an investment that won't break the bank!

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see my work?

Grow & co.

Style Your Home Sentimentally

A sophisticated, airy and intuitively functional online store showcasing the warm and relatable story of Lindsey & Crystal and their customizable home decor line.

Wide open, white space and classic Navy accents let the custom crafted decor pieces take centre stage. Online store function and accessibility is woven throughout the design, encouraging visitors to engage from genuine and specific interest levels. This is a cheerful and meaningful online shopping experience.





International Photographer | Educator |  Podcaster





An inviting, flexible space showcasing the expansion of Janine's successful international photography career into one of mentorship and influence far beyond the lens. 

Capable of serving a vast array of clients, this site communicates the heart behind Janine's WHY, providing prospective clients with the next best thing to meeting her in person - the warmth of her character and the quality of her work in vivid colour.

Ash Lifestyle

Lifestyle Photographer




Warm neutrals and honest photography anchor this site, taking visitors on an organic and intuitive journey through the many facets that contribute to Ashley's work and a stunning display of the photographs themselves. 

With just one scroll, visitors immerse themselves in Ash Lifestyle, a breath of fresh air in the virtual world, letting the art speak for itself while giving visitors a warm and aesthetically pleasing environment in which to enjoy it.


success STORY


Working alongside Carli on the journey of bringing my website together was an absolute 

experience, which I don't say lightly.

After 6 years and 4 very costly attempts with previous designers who chose to put their creative ideas before my functional needs, I was left without a site that was authentically ME, or serving my clients in the way I was asked for and needed.  I felt lost, defeated, frustrated and found it so hard to trust that anyone could bring my dream site to life...until I met Carli!

Taking the time to really listen to each and every detail that I wanted to bring to life, she made it ALL happen...and then did more! If there was anything that she didn't know exactly how to do right away, she very efficiently figured it out and implemented it quickly to keep the process moving. After the journey I've traveled to get here, I cried all the happy tears when she sent me the first draft of my new site.

Finally, someone 

it!! I am so proud of the site and I love sending people there to experience


how professional and aesthetically beautiful it is. She brought my dream website to life even better than I had first imagined!


I finally feel like I have a BRAND and a beautiful online foundation to build my business from.

The process was AMAZING, communication efficient and Carli's compassion to patiently wait as I would need time to bring things together on my end, was deeply appreciated and made everything so enjoyable! I can't recommend her and her creative talents enough and feel eternally blessed to have met and worked with her not only on this massive project, but on many projects since! 

Carli Baum Web Design

 is from mobile devices. 

over         of web traffic


Is your site sitting pretty on a smart phone?

Little things like this MATTER! Here's what else comes with my custom creations.


these level-up essentials...

all sites include

modern design

I am pleased to offer custom, on-brand design that reflects your dream aesthetic and effortlessly communicates the quality behind your brand. 

We start this process with you telling me what your dream site looks like, and then,