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Updated: May 27, 2020

"I judge you unfortunate because you have never lived through misfortune. You have passed through life without an opponent - no one can ever know what you are capable of, not even you." Seneca

Isn't it interesting? When adversity crops up we often cringe, wallow, gripe or complain. I think most of us would agree that when challenge comes knocking, at first, we'd just rather NOT.

Rather not deal and rather not be experiencing it. But isn't the quote above empowering? That one is the wisest writers of all time judges people who haven't experienced adversity as UNFORTUNATE. And friend, I have to agree. Because while I don't live my life hoping challenge pops up necessarily, I've come to realize that challenge and difficulty is what CALLS US to rise up.

And in that rising we learn what we are capable of.

Is there anything sweeter than after staring a problem straight on, deciding you won't let it consume you? And then step by step, overcoming it? I emerge from those experiences wanting to throw my hands high in the air and yell out loud...

'Ohhhhh yeah! I AM capable! Capable of handling ANYTHING that comes my way!!'

I don't always say it out loud but best believe, I FEEL IT, deep in my bones. And while the journey to that place of self discovery and renewed confidence is often wrought with overcoming discomfort, doubt & some self pity, here is what I've learned: We can either encounter challenge and gripe and complain forever and ever, relive the trauma with every friend we see, point fingers, assign blame, feel victimized and let it defeat us. OR We can encounter challenge and get CURIOUS. Lean in and accept, as quickly as possible, the existence of this challenge. Recall all the times we have overcome in the past, buckle up and get creative, resourceful and resilient. We can choose to see these circumstances as another opportunity to witness what we are capable of and O V E R C O M E. The end result?

Challenges are going arise no matter what. We get to choose if we allow them to deflate us or empower us. My friend, I want to be in that brave and empowered camp as often as I can. Will you join me there this week? You've got everything you need within you to do so ♥︎


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