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Worth & Vision

Good afternoon! Today I want to pass along two powerful pieces of wisdom. Coupled together, they have empowered me to more freely articulate my vision for the future and then pursue it with the kind of energy, tenacity and resiliency I didn't even know I had inside of me.

I hope they unlock something similar within you!

1. Thanks to the work of Brené Brown, I now have the language to know that perfectionism is crippling. I now know that my worth is innate and there is no amount of pleasing, performing or perfecting I need to achieve be 100% worthy of love and belonging. This is such a relief! 

So now, whatever I endeavour to create, attempt or become is just to see what is possible. It's just to engage in living my best life and contribute meaningfully to the lives of others in the process.

By the way, your worth is innate too! Entirely, wonderfully, exactly as you are in this moment ♥︎

2. Thanks to the work of Brooke Castillo, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks and the beautiful historical examples of people like Martin Luther King Jr. & Nelson Mandela ... I now know that 'the exact way' matters not, if I have a clear vision of the future. I now know that marrying myself to the steps I "need" to take before I take any (or lamenting the challenges ahead of me), is a surefire way to lose track of my vision and get lost in the muck and mire when obstacles begin to arise.

So now, because I know there is nothing I need to do to prove my worth, I act from a place of worthiness fuelled by passion, curiosity and joy. 

And because I know that the way is going to change countless times as I pursue my vision of the future, I try hard not to become disheartened when obstacles arise. Instead:

I hold fast to the passion that fuels my vision. 

I get curious about what routes I can take from where I stand.

And I take joy in the privilege and growth that comes from finding a new way.

Whatever your dreams are for your future, I encourage you to pursue them from a place of knowing you are entirely worthy right now. From there, extend grace toward yourself on the journey and trust, that if you are holding the vision fast in your heart, you WILL chart the course necessary to get yourself there or somewhere even better. 

 ♥︎ Carli

This brilliant podcast by Brooke Castillo addresses all the ways Obstacle Thoughts can arise and what we make them mean versus what they can mean. If managed properly, they can actually become the roadmap we use to achieve our goals! This is such empowering thought work which will serve you over and over again. Enjoy!

I cannot recommend this book enough. Brené Brown is a master at offering language and clarity to the different ways we tend to link our worth to circumstances outside ourselves, and how we can unlearn these processes. 

She is one of the world's leading experts on self worth and her contributions to how we can all live more wholeheartedly have certainly changed my life.

I hope you find them to be liberating and uplifting as well.


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