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I've heard it time and again from clients. They know what they want to say, but when it comes time to put pen to paper, the words evade them. Their business is the song of their heart, their passion project... the thing they spend countless hours on and care SO much about.

But it often feels like words fall short ,when it comes time to write their website copy.

So, from over ten years of writing business copy, here are my best tips to help you break through that writer's block and craft some copy that will tell your story and engage your website visitors:

1. Keep it Concise!

I remember when I started my first business. I could talk and write about it until endlessly. I ate, slept and breathed that content. But here's the deal: the average website visitor is going to give you 15 seconds to capture their interest before they bounce....literally, to another site. That means you need to communicate your value FAST and concisely.

2. Answer these questions clearly.

Who you are, What you do, Why you're different from your competitors, and How you're going to change/improve/enhance your future client's life.

3. Tell them how they can buy from you!

This seems like such a simple step but so often, copy doesn't have a call to action. Whatever it is that you do, make sure your introductory copy explains how someone can subscribe with you/get a quote from you/buy from you/schedule a discovery call with you. Invite site visitors to begin the journey of becoming a paying client, and have their world rocked by the amazing products or services you offer!

4. If you're feeling stuck, ask a friend.

If you're really having trouble getting started with your copy, ask a good friend if they could summarize what it is you do. They've watched you birth this business baby, and how impassioned you've been every time you've met up for coffee along the way. Ask them, as an outsider looking in, what it is they think you do and why other people should be interested. It is highly likely they'll be more complimentary about you that even you are about yourself, and often they have a way of phrasing their synopsis as an outsider, that will communicate your services in the language your clients speak.

5. Give a little, then a lot.

Remember how you only have 15 seconds to capture someone's interest? Well its super important you serve some compelling copy the moment they land on your site. But this has to be short, sweet and to the point. They need to glance at your copy and decide in that moment, if they like you and want to know more about what you can do for them.

From there, you can always include a button that invites them to learn more. For instance, when introducing yourself on your site, a couple of compelling sentences saying who you are, what you do and why you can improve/enhance your client's life are sufficient. After they've read those sentences, include a button for them to read your story/more about me/etc. That button can click over to a more in-depth About You section where you can wax poetic about your life journey :) Some people want to know more. The goal is, not to repel the masses with an essay they simply don't have time for.

Capture interest quickly with a little bit of information, then offer up more if they are interested.

And there you have it!

My best tips for writing copy that converts. I follow these steps when writing copy for my clients and time and again, we see massive improvements in visitor engagement.

We live in a fast paced world where information overload abounds. Be a different fish in a sea of data. Be straightforward and to the point, while communicating the essence of what makes you different. It is always a relief to land on a site that serves up essential and actionable data on a silver platter. That's the kind of copy you want to write.



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