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In general, we spend a lot of time talking about manners, politeness and social niceties. Say 'Please & Thank you'. Congratulate someone on a job well done. Give gifts at Christmas & on Birthdays.

Because ...... what? It's the polite & 'right' thing to do? 

Until recently, I did all these things but didn't truly understand the personal power that lies in wholehearted giving that claims no ownership of the outcome. 

In practice, this looks like ...

Giving a compliment with no expectation of how it will be received.

Congratulating someone on an accomplishment with no expectation of how it will be received. Saying sorry and expecting nothing in return; not an 'it's ok', not an 'I accept your apology'... nothing.

Giving a gift, and expecting nothing in return; not even the reaction you may have been hoping for. 

There is so much genuine goodness for the recipient in us learning to give wholeheartedly and without expectation. But this part may be old news to you. 

'It's about giving, not receiving.'


We've all been told that countless times, right?

But here is WHY this behaviour is mutually beneficial for EVERYONE:

There is so much for us to gain by inhabiting a place of abundance, generosity, compassion or apology sincerely and without reservation. 

We align ourselves with those things by acting as those things. We attract more abundance, generosity and compassion into our lives when we offer it up to others without reservation.

When we recognize that we have no control (nor should we!) over how the recipient will receive our well wishes, we step fully into the empowering space that it 100% responsibility for our own thoughts & actions and 0% expectation or attempted control over another's. 

What freedom!!

And here's another little tidbit on this topic. Should you ever find yourself in a space of struggling to celebrate or congratulate another for whatever reason

(and don't worry, we have all been there!)

What is the alternative?!

Feeling self-pity, competition, frustration, blame or why-me-ing in self-defeating circles?  What does that achieve? My friend, only pain within yourself. And, if you believe in the law of attraction, then engaging in those behaviours for any length of time will only attract more disappointment, frustration and lack into your own life. 

Your best bet?

Enthusiastically rejoice with the people in your life when situations call for it. Or, sincerely apologize for something when you feel you should. Give of yourself in this way with NO expectation of how your gesture will be received. 

Get excited that by conducting yourself in this manner, you have aligned yourself with qualities you admire and would like more of in your life. 


You are acting out what you want more of in your life.

There is only an upside to this behaviour, for everyone involved.

I hope you have a wonderful week. And when the time comes, I encourage you to give generously of yourself and witness the profoundly positive effect it has on the lives of others as well as your own!

♥︎ Carli


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