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A Mindful Morning Routine for Mothers

Here is a simple and powerful way to start your morning grounded in mindfulness. By setting the intention to spend 20 minutes with your own mind each morning, you scan set the tone for your day to be one of consciousness and empowered thought.

More peace and clarity throughout the day? Yes please!

Have you ever woken up and immediately felt overwhelmed by anxious thoughts about the day prior, or about something in the future, and felt like you just got run over by a train you didn't see coming? The momentum of our thoughts is powerful! And we can use this momentum for good or for harm. Life can become automatic, and without awareness, each day can become an extension of the one before it without much conscious discernment.

The important thing is that we pay attention to the thoughts we are thinking, and ensure that the momentum we allow our thoughts to gather, is in service of our highest selves and our best day.

I encourage you to take 20 quiet minutes to yourself each morning this week and feel the difference in your life, when you start your day this way:

1. Wake early.

I know the kiddos may have had you up in the night, or your work kept you from getting to sleep until midnight. I experience that too. But I promise there is magic in the air in the early morning. Your mind is fresh and possibility abounds, even if it is a little groggy feeling rolling out of bed. And I assure you that the early morning silence and self love feels a whole lot better than two more rounds of hitting the snooze button :)

2. Anchor yourself in THIS present moment.

Not what happened yesterday, or what is happening at 2 p.m. this afternoon. THIS. PRESENT. MOMENT.

3. Spend 10 minutes acquainting yourself with being the watcher of your thoughts.

Your mind will try to run. When it does, lovingly bring it back to this present moment and begin to list every single thing you are grateful for.

4. Next, spend another 10 minutes to dream vividly about the future.

There is power in setting intentions from an elevated emotion. Emotions like gratitude, joy, hope and anticipation attract more of the solutions and abundance we seek in our lives. Dwell on some goals you are dreaming about presently, from a mental space of gratitude and joy about what you already have. This exercise gets you in alignment with the vibration of the solutions you seek.

5. Begin your day conscious and empowered.

Having taken this time to become present, grateful and hopeful for what is to come you have begun your day with powerful intention. For added encouragement, begin to look for evidence of your dreams materializing as you go about your day. Expect goodness to come and continue the momentum of your thoughts in this positive direction.

This practice, when done consistently, has the power to change the trajectory of your life. I know it has certainly changed mine and it is my privilege to share this good news with other mindful mamas.

Thank you for reading!



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