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Today I am so excited to expand on a concept I wrote to you about a couple months ago....The Momentum of Our Thoughts. Below is the beginning of that post and it sets the stage for the powerful tool I want to pass along to you today....

"That which is like unto itself, is drawn", in all things, in all ways. So with our thoughts, if we linger on one long enough, our brains will automatically start looking for proof to support that initial thought. Our brains are brilliant this way!

Linger in that particular 'thought space' long enough and you'll have plenty of proof for why your original thought must be true.

Now this can be good if your thoughts are in a wholesome space: if they are abundant, hopeful, positive, focused, kind, peaceful or empowered.

But what if we are talking about a negative or disempowering thought? Still, 'that which is like unto itself is drawn'. So, before you know it, you will have unconsciously attracted more thoughts that will serve as evidence that the negative thought also must be true.

Excerpt from my Mindful Monday on The Momentum of our Thoughts.


Jumping off from this premise, we know that ideally, we should be thinking thoughts that attract what we want versus dwelling on the lack of that thing, which ends up repelling it. But this is the age old conundrum...if it is so easy to stay focused on thinking about that which we DO want, wouldn't we do that all the time?

What trips us up? What pulls us out of dwelling on the abundance we already enjoy and imagining more of it in our lives?

This one, pesky, practical-seeming question....

'But how......'

Insert whatever it is your dreaming about here: ______________. You may think about it for a moment, but rather quickly your brain, who's primary task is to seek out evidence for the thoughts you are thinking, is going to report back with:

"Hey, soooooo, the evidence of your reality is MUCH different than what you're wanting to create in your life. How do you think you're going to create that thing? How will you find the time? How will [whoever] feel about you pursuing this? How do you even get something like that started? Seems like a lot of unanswered questions. Best to stay here, where its comfortable. At least with the status quo, you know what you can expect."

'How' is a total buzzkill and dream deflator. It ejects you from envisioning a brighter future and cements your feet firmly in the reality you were hoping to change.

SO! When a new dream pops up, to be sure you get the momentum of your thoughts working in service of that dream and in support of your ambitions to pursue that dream, ask yourself this instead....


Why is this important?

Why do I want this?

Why will this be good for me?

Why is this worth pursuing?


'Why' reminds us of why we want something. Answering 'why' propels us to the future where we've already made that something reality. Stay in that space long enough and you'll feel the positive momentum of your thoughts working to your advantage.

If the dream is in service of your highest self, 'why?' is going to be a question you can answer with enthusiasm, optimism and resolve over and over again. Those empowering emotions will enable you to create and maintain positive momentum with your thoughts, spurring the kind of action that truly makes



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