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This nature inspired, story-telling style website is easily one of my favourite projects to date. The breathtaking foothills of Southern Alberta immediately capture the visitor's attention, and provided the most beautiful neutral background to layer on the story of this non-profit initiative, that is sure to benefit Albertans for generations.

The Trail is a project seeking to fully connect the trans-Canada pedestrian trail between Calgary & Cochrane, led by the Rotary Club of Cochrane along with many other community stakeholders and benevolent donors.

My job with this site was to present the nature of the project, its historical significance, community ties and the general project outcomes in a way that engages the public to take part in the process. The calls to action on the site are for people to enter their naming suggestion for the finished trail, as well as to inquire about how to donate and support the effort.

We worked hard to showcase the natural beauty of our region, with photography and illustrative elements. I focused on weaving them all together with organic, layering elements and a story telling style of experience.

I love the way it turned out! Can't wait to see the physical trail itself, come to life in the next few years.

Client: The Trail (Led by the Cochrane Rotary)

Web Design: Carli Baum

Illustrations: Alison Martin


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