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"Notice when you hurt that you are mentally out of your business.

If you’re not sure, stop and ask, “Mentally, whose business am I in?”

There are only three kinds of business in the universe: mine, yours, and God’s.

Whose business is it if an earthquake happens? God’s business.

Whose business is it if your neighbour down the street has an ugly lawn? Your neighbour’s business.

Whose business is it if you are angry at your neighbour down the street because he has an ugly lawn? Your business.

Life is simple—it is internal."

Byron Katie

I love this quote by Byron Katie. She is a master at reminding us, that true freedom lies within our own minds. And the more we come back to this truth - 'life is simple  - it is internal', the freer we feel. 

This quote sure puts a kind and empowering spin on the age-old advice of 'minding our own business' ;)

It's so natural for us to spend time in the business of God (or the universe or fate or whatever title feels right to you for this category) and of others. Societally, we've made a sport of it. But! How exciting is it to receive the liberating invitation to only spend time in your own business.

This week I invite you to remember, when you register internal pain, to take inventory of your thoughts and make sure they are coming from 'your own business' and not the business of 'God' or 'others'. 

When we get real with ourselves about whose business we are in, we empower ourselves to either release the thought or change the thought.  

To assist you further with the effort of determining whose business your thoughts are in, I want to leave you with on of the BEST podcasts I've ever heard from Brooke Castillo. It is called The Manual. She dives deep into the memorized expectations we have and make of others in our lives, as well as the expectations others have of us. In the end, she concludes similar to Byron Katie - we gotta stay in our own business! But as usual, her podcast has a way of making this topic entertaining, revelatory and especially empowering. 

I hope you are able to find some time to listen this week. I promise it will not disappoint. 

Have a wonderful week ♥︎

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