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Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Janine Deanna is a clarity coach for women in business, international photographer and podcaster. Janine's site is an excellent example of the power and capability of a custom designed, personal brand website.

This website boasts photography portfolios, dynamic sales pages, an online store, payment plan functionality, membership capabilities, a blog, podcast integration, contact forms, email list generation, freebie/opt-in integrations and so much more. Wherever Janine's career takes her, this site is ready to grow with her!

The design inspiration for Janine's project was monochromatic, pigmented neutrals, white space, bright and inviting photography and personalized copy. The end result is a stunning, heartfelt, empowering and multifaceted space showcasing the expansion of Janine's successful international photography career into one of mentorship and influence far beyond the lens.

Capable of serving a vast array of clients, this site communicates the heart behind Janine's WHY, providing prospective clients with the next best thing to meeting her in person - the warmth of her character and the quality of her work in vivid colour.

Web design & copy: Carli Baum Design

Client: Janine Deanna


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