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Head's up:, today's post is a little longer than usual. When you have 5-10 minutes, grab a coffee and cozy up for an encouraging read ♥︎

Here is a worthwhile question: "Is the work worth it?"

Everything I write to you about, is in the pursuit of an empowered and conscious life. I know if you're reading this, you're interested in living that kind of life too.

And as I'm sure you've begun to notice, nearly every concept I've shared with you seems to come back to personal responsibility. As in, if we are to live consciously empowered lives, the responsibility lies with us, full stop.

Sometimes, when discussing these concepts, a valid question/line of thinking comes up, and I want to share it with you here in case you've felt it nagging at you too:


Along those lines, I sometimes get feedback like:

1. 'It just seems like a lot of mental work.'

2. 'It will ease up right? Like eventually I'll just get over all my internal hang ups and not have to spend so much time wrestling with these concepts, right?'

3. 'Why do I have to do all this mental work, but the people around me won't? Why does the responsibility fall on me exclusively? That doesn't feel fair.'

Trust me, I've felt those same feelings at times, when compelled to answer the call of personal responsibility that is managing my own mind in all circumstances so that I can live an empowered life. And here is the best advice and encouragement I can offer you at this point:

1. When you do the work of managing your mind, tending to your thoughts and consciously choosing ones which empower when challenges in life arise, YOU exit that experience as the person who figured it out. Not the person who blamed or finger pointed their way out the door as they excused themselves from the pursuit of a dream they've wanted for so long. Not the person who numbed out with food, social media or Netflix because the discomfort got too heavy and you weren't prepared to lean in and see if it was meaningful growth disguised as an internal tantrum.

YOU DID THE WORK = you own the lessons you learned through that experience and now, you are the person who is equipped with those learnings for life's next curve ball. Yes it is a lot of work and WOW are you better off for it! Think of how you're going to level up next time, knowing what you know now!

2. Life is and will forever be full of contrast. The contrast is what shapes our desires. Without it life would be painfully boring. But sometimes the contrast brings with it, its own kind of pain. So while I believe wholeheartedly that life will always be 50/50 , here is the good news: you get better at this.

Lessons learned are not ones you need to learn over from the beginning. New circumstances may trigger similar negative thought patterns in you in different ways, but you won't be starting from scratch. And in very encouraging news, the reward of reaching toward and experiencing empowerment versus self defeat/self pity/quitting/blaming/etc. becomes its own motivation. Very quickly it doesn't feel like work you have to do or really should do. It becomes the work you WANT TO DO, because you understand the empowering reward that lies on the other side.

3. With regards to whether it seems fair, or that in your present circumstance, you feel like the only one who is trying to take personal responsibility to allow for the best are my thoughts:

If we can move away from making this less about 'this isn't fair', 'why aren't they trying', etc. the more empowered we will be. Why? Because at the end of the day, we know we cannot control anyone else but ourselves. So, knowing that, I would much rather be in the camp of taking responsibility for my thoughts, the feelings they create, the action I'm taking and the results I'm getting. Is it fair? No. Is life really ever fair, no! So. Let's not fight reality. Let's dig deep and take responsibility in a way that liberates, empowers and emboldens us.

Wanna know a crazy extra fact about that statement above? The people, problems or circumstances that you initially deem to be unhelpful or unfair, resolve in the most creative ways when you turn inward and determine how best you can mange your mind through it all. Because if you do the work, you'll discover there is something about your behaviour/response/action that you can change by changing your thoughts. Now, in no way am I saying that in choosing consciousness, you must endure all ills in your life by being a martyr who allows for mistreatment, bullying or toxic environments.

H E C K N O!

I'm saying, it is empowering to first go inward. Tend to your thoughts about this situation. When you're in an empowered space of mind, you can then determine - do I need to change jobs, do I need to establish some boundaries, do I need to change the way I've been showing up mentally in this relationship or circumstance? From there, you can make the best decision to move your life toward a better feeling space.

I promise the ripple effects of taking personal responsibility toward every circumstance will EMPOWER YOU.

So, there are my longer answers to the question: IS THIS WORK WORTH IT?

The shorter answers ....

Yes - because you own the lessons learned and you are stronger & more empowered for it!

Yes - think of how much quicker you can level up next time! Witnessing your own personal growth is reward in itself and emboldens your subsequent dreams tenfold.

Yes - because if it is meant to be, it is up to me! I want to give no outward circumstances (person, place or event) the power to determine my path and my pursuits. I accept responsibility for managing my thoughts in all circumstances and in doing so, believe that anything is possible.

If you made it to the end today, way to go friend! I love writing to you and I sincerely appreciate the time you take to read these words. I hope this week is filled with some situational encouragement arising from empowered thought; the kind that motivates you to keep taking responsibility for the positive trajectory of your one, incredibly precious life ♥︎.


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