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"Between stimulus and response, there is space.

In that space is our power to choose our response."

Victor Frankl

If you're looking to live empowered (and aren't we all?), information like that ↑ quote right there .... ya that can change lives, if we choose to heed such sage advice.

The moment we realize that we have this space, this invitation, to choose our responses....we realize that empowered action is available to us in all circumstances. 

For so long, I allowed my circumstances to determine my determine my emotional well being.....and to determine my perception of whether my life was going 'well' or 'not'. 

Now I know better. And I delight in sharing this good news with you as well! 

That in between moment, AFTER something happens and BEFORE we react, is where personal empowerment lives. 

And in that space, if we can stop reacting out of unhelpful, learned responses like ....

Why does this always happen to me?

I can't believe they did this?!

What did I ever do to deserve this?

This is so unfair!

And instead, in that space, choose to ask ourselves any of these questions instead:

What would strength do?

What would patience do? 

What would greatness do?

What would love do?

What is this teaching me?

How best can I respond, so this situation can help me grow?

Knowing what really matters in my life, how much does this circumstance matter?

How does the version of myself, whom I aspire to be, respond to something like this?

You get the picture. There is ALWAYS space. Space between stimulus and response.

In that pocket of time, lies a choice: react unconsciously through learned emotional responses OR react consciously, by taking responsibility for your thoughts and choosing ones that serve and empower you.

Have a wonderful, empowered week my friend. And remember this space that exists in every circumstance. Witness the difference in your week when you pay attention to this space and react consciously from within it ♥︎


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