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Today I want to talk to you about choosing between true.

In every moment, we have at our disposal countless 'true' thoughts we can choose to think. Some thoughts empower and some thoughts disempower

For example, when my girls and I were sick for nearly the entire month of December, I was having a day of feeling a ton of self pity. I remember looking over at my babies while they were watching Paw Patrol (BLESS that show ;) and I was dragging my feet in the kitchen, my whole body aching, trying to scrounge up something that we could eat.

My stream of thoughts went something like this:

My kids have watched WAY too much TV this week. 

My kids will only eat carbs and yogurt, I feel terrible they aren't eating more nutritionally.

This sickness is lasting forever. Whyyyyyy?!

I feel isolated where we live. I just want to move to our new town already, and not be driving 2 hour round trips just to see our doctor. 

I hate having to wrangle eye drops and antibiotics and saline solution into their poor little bodies 10+ times a day. 

After I went on this internal rampage, I noticed that I was feeling even worse than before I started this stream of thoughts. And then I remembered a beautiful exercise Byron Katie recommends. 

'Carli, can you think of thoughts that are the opposite and are just as true or truer than the thoughts that are hurting you right now?"

So then I tried this stream of consciousness:

I'm so grateful for sweet, innocent shows like Paw Patrol and Netflix to help me and my girls rest on days when we are so sick. 

I'm so grateful my girls are eating something, so that they can take their medicine and begin to heal. 

I'm so grateful my girls aren't lethargic or dehydrated and needing hospital care to keep their nutrients up. 

I'm so grateful for this cozy, beautiful home that has been a wonderful place for our family these past 2.5 years and will continue to be until we move.

I'm so grateful for good neighbours and the sweet friends I've made here who have brought by food and medicine and shown such empathy as we endured this virus.

I'm so grateful for modern medicine that is assisting me and my girls to heal from what could have otherwise been very serious illness. 

WOW. Did that ever feel better!

Friend, the next time you feel yourself on a negative spin cycle in your mind, notice how its making you feel physically. And if the answer is terrible, try looking for thoughts that are just as true or truer to the situation you find yourself in that EMPOWER you, and go on a gratitude rampage instead.


Feel the difference in your body and mind for seeking out the true that empowers and uplifts. 

So much love to you this week, 



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