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Hello & welcome to a new week. As usual, I invite you to take some time to clear your mind and focus on how you'd ideally like to think this week. Knowing that our thoughts create our feelings, feelings propel action and action delivers results, it is best we always begin with our thoughts. So let's dive in to how you can cultivate thoughts that serve your BIG WHY this week ♥︎

Keeping your BIG WHY in mind, can you imagine who that person is? Can you visualize exactly how that woman wakes up, tends to her mind and takes on her day? Good! That is what we must do. What we focus our thoughts on is what we attract more of in to our life.

So while we may find ourselves standing in a particular place, if we aspire to be elsewhere or be achieving otherwise, we must spend time assessing what that future version of ourselves thinks, feels and does.

Acting AS IF we are already there, having achieved those goals, aligns our thoughts and feelings with the version of ourself that will do so in the future.  Getting there is about

acting AS IF we are already there.  


1. First, spend time quieting your mind in meditation, to clear lifelong, habitual noise & consciously cultivate your desired sense of self. Meditating and visualizing how our ideal future self thinks and acts should drum up positive and motivating emotions in our body. If you can leave a quiet session of dwelling on how your future self acts feeling excited, like you just physically experienced it as having already happened, you have achieved the first step of 'acting as if', simply by exercising your mind. 

2. When you get going with your day, embody the version of yourself that has already achieved the big goals you've set out to do. Remember your BIG WHY and imagine how that woman takes on her day. When your thoughts subconsciously slip back into old, non-serving programming be a compassionate observer of them and gently bring them back into alignment with how the future you thinks.

This week's mindfulness toolkit encourages you to imagine, in detail, what living out your BIG WHY looks like to you. Once you've taken the time to imagine those details, I invite you to act AS IF you are already there. This intention spurs the kind of awareness, growth & action that will make a good life great. Have a lovely week friends ♥︎


Take some time to write down what the future version of yourself, who is living out her BIG WHY, thinks about, feels, acts like, looks like, etc. What does her life look like? As Jack Canfield recommends, you can categorize this 'future me' brainstorming in the following areas: Financial, Career, Free Time/Family Time, Health/Appearance, Relationships, Personal Growth and Making a Difference. Writing this out serves as a guide for what to dwell on & how to act AS IF you have already achieved what you are setting out to do. 


Spend 10 minutes every morning this week, imagining this 'living out your BIG WHY' version of yourself in quiet contemplation. Imagine how you handle challenges, pursue opportunities and even how you walk into meetings or what you wear. The goal is to emerge from this 10 minute exercise feeling good feelings in your body about the person you are growing into: confident, capable, excited, joyful, hopeful, empowered, motivated, determined, etc.


As you set out to act AS IF, invariably negative emotions and old ways of thinking will attempt to derail you. Our subconscious self longs for our comfort zone, and from a place of good intention, tries to freak us out about growth and newness. When negative feelings arise as you begin to act AS IF, use the awareness of those thoughts to remind you to refer back to the vision of who you are aspiring to become. This is your compass. So even negative emotions, and noting their presence, can help you return your thoughts to a way of thinking that serves your BIG WHY and self growth. 


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