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Today, I'm am SO excited to share with you THE KEY to success with goal setting and achieving! And I know ... that sounds gimmicky but I don't even care :) It's true! And this revelation completely changed my life so I'm just thrilled to be able to share this empowering news with you!

It is the difference between why 'busy with three kids + extracurricular commitments + family obligations + a heavy workload' is an excuse for one person to quit their workouts and a motivating reason to continue exercising for another. Its the difference between why some people see obstacles and others see opportunities. It is the difference between achieving your goals or forever falling short and wondering why 'nothing ever works out for you'. 

My friend, I'm talking about thoughts. 

Thoughts we CHOOSE to think. 

Though often, in the moment, it doesn't feel like we are choosing them. It feels like we are simply stating facts about our life. Facts we have years of evidence to support. But if you recall, the momentum of our thoughts works in both directions, positive & negative. And the longer you linger in a particular thought place, the more thoughts of 'like intent' are going to show up to prove that first thought true. 

So if you've set lofty goals in the past, with good intention and that fresh-start energy, only to lose interest or feel that slow creep of defeat dominate your thoughts....take comfort, you are not alone. Because perhaps, like most of us, you've subconsciously gotten into the habit of negative thinking. And all those negative thoughts just keep attracting more thoughts to prove the previous one true. 

This negative thinking snowball rolls down the hill gaining momentum quit.

But here's the thing: ALL of us desire positive change in our lives and ALL of us are capable of creating it.

However, most of us are not awake to the fact that our thoughts about the process

will determine our results. 

So if you are thinking thoughts toward your present circumstances as you pursue this goal, that have you feeling consistently defeated, unmotivated, overwhelmed or confused, ....guess what? Success is unlikely. 


We choose which thoughts we make true! We can notice all of them in action and determine if they serve or undermine our resolve. 

So I want to encourage you to make today the day you take a good long look at the thoughts you're thinking toward that goal you're pursuing and ENSURE that those thoughts make you feel: motivated, empowered, capable, excited, energized, hopeful, optimistic, strong and determined.

I assure you that if you tend to your thoughts consistently, as you pursue this goal, literally nothing will stand in your way. Because by choosing thoughts that make you feel motivated, empowered and capable: 

Obstacles become opportunities. 

Challenges become the growth you crave in pursuit of what you want. 

Your unique circumstances become the very training ground you actually needed to achieve something new and exciting.

Twists and turns along the way become the pivots you were meant to make. 

And victory in the achieving is SO. MUCH. SWEETER. 

Ok, are you as pumped as I am?! This is GREAT NEWS. This means we can truly do anything we set our minds to. But tuning in to that mind, moment by moment, to ensure it is choosing thoughts that empower and motivate is ESSENTIAL. And this week's exercise is all about that very practice. I hope you enjoy! 

To download this week's free resource, please click HERE and scroll down to step 3 ♥︎.


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