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Meet Carli Baum



I'm Carli! In between wrangling one of my three babies,  I'm a soulful web designer and storyteller with niche expertise in small businesses and personal brands who want authentic and heartfelt representation online. 

I'm best know for my ability to hear your vision for your dream website and bring it to life on screen, in more lovely and intuitive ways than maybe you have imagined!  I also have a special knack for telling business stories authentically and succinctly, in ways that capture interest and prompt further engagement. 

I've got a soft spot for women in business, seeking to craft a life of intention, both personally and professionally.


With over fifteen years of experience in small business ownership, sales, brand strategy, digital marketing and web design your passion project's design needs could not be in better hands. 

About Carli Baum
Meet Carli Baum
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