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So you've received your proposal and you have some questions. You're in exactly the right place! This private area is dedicated to prospective clients who would like a little more insight into the web design experience, the timeline, etc.

Scroll through and get excited! Your brand new website is going to represent you and your brand brilliantly. But the joy is in the journey, so allow me to describe that part to you now. 


Every nook and cranny of your new website will be custom crafted according to your brand colours, aesthetic, photography and specifications. 

meet the designer

first of all, hi! I'm Carli. And your custom crafted site will be hand built by yours truly. I approach every project with reverence. I know what an investment it is, physically, emotionally, financially....heck, spiritually (!) to pour your heart and soul into a business. I take the honour of designing your business an authentic space online seriously and respectfully. 

You can trust that I will work diligently to learn about your brand, clearly identify your heartsong and paint it beuatifully on screen. 

Meet Carli Baum
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